Do You Doula?

This website is under construction. My intentions are to move the birth content to a central point that is easy to access, while continuing to use this space for my other interests as well.

If you are looking for a doula, please email or call.

Women, couples, doctors speak on why you should have a doula.

I adore youtube.

Top of my field! Today I am a .com.

My friend, Sam, happens to be a programmer. He also happens to be patient enough to let me wade through the confusing world of domains, servers, ports, firewalls, sftp and endless, varied passwords.

Patience*, which I think is enhanced by my living very far from Altanta - though I was tempted to open a video link, just so I could have a witness to my pissyface.

Sam says I've accomplished a lot today and that if it were 1997 I'd be at the top of the field!


Anyway, announcing tenthmoon My little website will be attending a revolving costume ball while I find a theme that suits. You are welcome to join me!

(*A google searce for patience, which is how I wordcheck, brings up a Spanish Guns N' Roses video! Second listing, wow.)


There are so many beautiful berries in my new state that I feel personally responsible for the preservation of at least SOME of them.

Yesterday I picked 10 pints. When gathering, if they didn't fall into my hand, I didn't force it. Perhaps it wouldn't matter if I were just slightly less selective...they still needed sugar after all!

I wanted to get deeper into the thickets, so I fit a 3'x8' piece of plywood into the kiddie bike trailer. Throwing the board into the bushes did let me wade in, surfboard style. And I was pretty pleased about the whole arrangement till a few brambles shifted, allowing the board to scoot forward and down. I fell backwards. On a few branches, but no matter, at least I fell Backwards. Today I'll just strap a few tupperware to the bike rack. Berry surfing might not be a solitary activity. I'll wait till I have an audience for very first berry bush face plant.

Totals so far:
13 cups of seedless, slightly sweetened blackberry liquid in the freezer
3 cups of berry paste in the fridge
2 cups of seeds in the compost

Little Birdie in Blue

Given that this is my first applique, I'm pleased with the little guy.

There is an abandoned bird's nest in the petunias, and I just now noticed the irony.

My little kindergarten friend thinks it strange that he doesn't have eyes. And, those first embroidery!

Sucessful meeting

Great big thanks to all the wonderful doulas and educators who made the time to meet for brainstorming today. I'll be writing up the minutes -- so, local doulas, put on your thinking caps.